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Growing up, I have always been around creative artists, photographers, and people who understood the value of art. I took my first good photograph as a child at my sisters wedding. I remember my Mom, whose camera I was borrowing, looked at it and commented on how good the photo was. 

I didn't pursue professional photography till I was a small business owner in Seattle. I was running a dog boarding and daycare business when I decided to incorporate photography as a bonus for my clients.  I would send them high quality pictures for free. People LOVED the pictures. It really helped dog parents who were away to know their dog was okay and having a great time. I did pet portraits, action shots, and more for my clients. Eventually, people would ask me to do product photography, family photos, music album covers and so much more. I learned so much from those years doing photography for my dog clients and their parents. 

When my wife and I moved to Colorado, I knew that I was finally going to make the jump to doing photography full time. All my years of taking photos for fun, and learning from professionals paid off, and I am finally doing something creative that I love. 

I will always do my best for you, and to capture the moment for you and your family. 

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